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Allon Shevat

Allon was educated at McGill (Montreal) and at Jerusalem's Hebrew University.

Allon left the Israel Defense Forces as a career officer in the late seventies and has been consulting ever since.

His fields of interest include post merger integration, global management, virtual organizations, the management of very aggressive commitments, senior executive coaching, multi-client OD interventions and Global OD in an acutely diverse environment .

His clients include Johnson and Johnson, Soma Networks (India), Microsoft (R&D), UtacS (a Thales-Elibit UK joint venture), Nova Semiconductors (Rehovot/Tokyo), Airwide Solutions (UK/Canada), Royal Phillips Medical, Kulicke and Sofa, Paz, Strauss-Elite, Corrigent, Comverse Services (Cambridge), Comverse Products (Mt Laurel, New Jersey), Leumi, Paz Energy (Ashdod) , Verifone, Solid Dimensions and various governments and defense forces.

Allon is one of Israel's most creative and best known organizational developers and coaches, and one of the few Israeli OD consultants invited frequently to work in Japan, India, Canada, China, South East Asia and the USA.

His hobbies include running on the treadmill, obsessively watching his weight, reading Chinese history, riding on trains, writing, and trying in vain to improve his pathetically poor Chinese.

Allon has a son and a daughter as well as two grandchildren: Daniel and Johnny-boy. George Shevat is his new dog.


Allon's recently published articles include:

Face and Directness: The Western Manager in Asia - Human Resources , November 2003

Making OD Global (OD Journal-2003)

Practicing OD with a Technology Driven Global Organization (OD Practitioner 2002)

Former publications are listed below.

Five Myths of Performance Evaluation

Characteristics of Overly Committed Organizations

The Post-Modern Profile of Human Resource Management

Preventing Budget Cuts in Training and OD During a Severe Recession

Management Fads as the Deal of the Month

Managing Split-Site Organizations

Marriage Counseling in Split-Site Organizations

How to become an Employers of Choice

Allon’s work and views of OD are widely quoted in “Organization Development at Work”, Margaret Wheatley, 2004.

Allon is the author of Organization Development in Israel, which appears in INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT, Sorenson et al. (Stipes Publishing, 1991)