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Classical Organizational Development

Organizational Development is a systematic process that includes:

  • Diagnosis of the organizational system.
  • Goal-setting based on the diagnostic results.
  • Implementation of the change process.
  • Developing the competencies required by the changes.
  • Monitoring and control.

Globalization Services

Allon Shevat GR 2010 supports organizations in solving problems and issues that stem from Global Organizing by providing the following services and solutions

Postmodern Management Training

During the Twentieth Century, management theories and the role of the manager have changed significantly evolving from the development of the modern bureaucracy, through the human relations theories to the system theories.
In the 21st Century we are a postmodern form of management with few absolute truths: the difficulty in setting priorities in the multi-tasking environment, the information overflow, the blur between strategy and tactics, the employees’ insatiable desire for stability which can no longer be satisfied. All mean that the key success factors that were relevant for the modern management are no longer relevant for the postmodern management.

The new reality means that new skills and a new mindset need to be developed.

Thus, there is a need to re-focus managerial training programs.

Special Situations

Allon Shevat GR 2010 had adapted OD to several interventions in special situations: Rapid Growth, Downsizing, Mergers, Industrial Unrest and Acute Diversity.


As part of implementing the mentoring processes in organizations, we work to strengthen essential managerial skills such as: situational analysis, situational management, communication and political skills, the art of interviewing, paradoxical intervention to overcome resistance, listening skills, global and cross cultural skills.