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Special Situations

Allon Shevat GR 2010 had adapted OD to several interventions in special situations: Rapid Growth, Downsizing, Mergers, Industrial Unrest and Acute Diversity

Rapid Growth

Rapid growth overstretches organizations’ structural and managerial capabilities, throwing organizations into a form of organizing which threatens the very achievements that the rapid growth is achieving. Too often, drunk with a sense of false security, huge organizational errors can be made during these giddy periods.

Allon Shevat GR 2010 has developed an effective support system for rapid growth that includes:

  • position papers about rapid growth best-practices, managerial training adapted for rapid growth
  • rapid-deployment diagnostic and intervention tools
  • flexible and useful tools for all aspects of growth, including tool kits, training and consultation.

Allon has supported the rapid growth of such firms as Indigo, Comverse, Tadiran, and Somanetworks.


Downsizing is a complex organizational process which must be handled elegantly and effectively. Allon provides tool kits and training to support the successful implementation of this painful process.

After the downsizing process is finished, organizations then go through a problematic and often traumatic period of adaptation with low morale, productivity and failing trust in management. We provides tool kits, coaching and training to support back to business.

Allon has supported hundreds of downsizing projects in both the low and high tech sector.

Mergers and PMI

A world leader in merger management. Allon has tens of thousands of hours of experience in this area.

Pre merger, we provide our clients with practical support in organizational due diligence.

From the moment term sheets are signed until most of the merger problems our done with, we provide ways and means merging organizations to build trust and establish working relationships at all levels that transcend local and parochial interests.

Allon has worked with Philips, Comverse, Symantec, ECI on merger management.

Industrial Unrest

Management and unions in many leading organizations turn to ALLON SHEVAT-GR 2010 to create (and rebuild) trust during and after negotiations, develop dialogue using OD technologies. Allon has developed expertise in rebuilding functional relationships after industrial action is over.

We have been hired by both management and unions for strategic planning of industrial actions.

Ordan, Voulkan, Yediot Ahronot and Carmel are the most well known projects in the last two decades.

Acute Diversity

ALLON SHEVAT-GR 2010 has an intense amount of knowledge that allows us to effectively support acutely diverse globalization processes which drive folks from very places to work together.

We have supported the following organizational interfaces in the past two decades; building dialogue, establishing trust and helping people achieve their goals.

  • Santa Clara-Haifa (Intel)
  • Cleveland-Haifa (Philips)
  • Tokyo-Boston (Boston Technology)
  • Jerusalem-Los Angeles (Symantec/BRM)
  • Beijing-Tel Aviv (Comverse)
  • Santa Clara-Migdal ha Emek (KLA)
  • Migdal ha emek-St Paul (ACS)
  • Toronto-San Francisco (Somanetworks)

    Allon’s Making OD Global (OD Journal, Summer 2003) is already a well known article in the field of globalization

Removing Obstacles to Change

There is often fierce resistance to change and yet, change is now the steady state!

Removing Obstacles for Change

Globalization, technological changes, development of newly formed databases, etc. All create uncertainty, ambiguity and insecurity.

The new environmental circumstances constantly force organizations and employees to change both their behavior and performance. Introducing kinds of changes is often met with fierce resistance that become major obstacles to change.

Allon specializes in providing consulting services to organizations that deal with resistance and obstacles to change and in strengthening managerial skill:

  • Planning change
  • Communication skills for change
  • Diagnosis and surfacing resistance
  • Paradoxical interventions.
  • Strengthening the organization’s ability to execute