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"Allon Shevat and I go back for almost 35 years straight. I met him as the youngest consultant out of a trio of consultants that were pioneering the organizational consulting concept in Israel. Since then, as a specialists in leading turn- arounds and managing companies in crisis, I called Allon several times to assist me in meeting and overcoming the challenges such missions are involved in .
Allon is a task oriented consultant who takes each job as a mission with determination that is usually expected from executives but not from consultants. He is very sharp and clear in his conclusions –not leaving grey areas as many organizational consultants tend to do. In certain cases he was coming with messages that proved to be true later on but were hard to be believed to the management team when he came with them. He is fighting for his conclusions even if he knows he is risking his status at these organizations. The few times I know he was "killed" as a messenger, yet time showed he was absolutely right. He very much abides by ethical rules of confidentiality and hence people all along the chain of command are trusting his and talk to him frankly as they know it is kept between them and Allon.
If you want to get real feedback and a clear and practical action plan –call Allon. If you just want to tick a “V” in your action list of nice to have - do not waste his time."

Dov Nardimon, EVP Ness Technologies

"Alon Shevat is a senior, well experienced consultant.
I know him more than 10 years and look at him as one of the most experienced consultant in Israel.
He was my first choice when I needed advice in change management, global organization, M&A etc.
He is very talented, professional and committed and contributed a lot to business successes.
Alon developed a special expertise in Asia/ Pacific and Japan.
I highly recommend."

Rachel Offer, Former EVP HR Comverse

“Allon Shevat is a courageous, tenacious, and powerful thinking consultant. His courage manifests in his no-nonsense, straightforward talk that leaves no doubt as to his meaning and intents. His tenacity means he will not accept anything less that success. His powerful thinking is manifested in his masterful ability to cut thru the minutia to grasp the really important facets of a project. Staying focused on the key leverage points, Allon is able to craft incredibly effective interventions. He is able to do this on the fly. His minds moves quickly and incisively to determine both the problem and an array of potential solutions. Allon earns my greatest tribute to a consultant: he can be utterly trusted to deliver solid ROI. If you are facing a tough, high stakes, high risk project and you need a consultant you can be totally sure will bring maximum helpful effect with minimum risk, then you want Allon.”

Edward Hampton , Owner , Performance Perspectives

"Allon Shevat is hard driving consultant that truly delivers results. I used his services in a post acquisition project that involved bringing together multi cultures, multi companies and multi functions. He conducted very effective data collection to understand the depth of the issues. Then in concert with the management team developed an effective approach that delivered excellent results. He delivers what you ask for, is very articulate, a fast thinker with a global perspective. I highly recommend his services."

Jim Fulton , Senior VP and General Manager, Philips Healthcare Cleveland , Ohio